Sitting Room Makeover

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Our house is the very opposite of an open floor plan. We have one of those random rooms that you can’t really call a living room, but you can’t really call it a den. We call it a sitting room, unless we are drinking whiskey in it, then we call it the parlor (in a […]


Adding A Dust Cover to Upholstery Projects

Adding a Dust Cover to Upholstery Projects

A dust cover is that black fabric that’s generally under a store bought chair that helps to conceal springs and chair guts. At nine bucks for five yards, it’s super cheap and pretty easy to add to your DIY upholstery projects. If you’ve done a chair makeover for your own home and are too lazy to […]

Sewing a Simple Summer Tote


* This post originally appeared on The Crafting Chicks website on June 16th, 2014 as a contributor post * Summer is here! Time to throw all your junk in a tote bag and hit the beach! If you’re not a beach person (do those exist?), this tote is perfect for the grocery store and can also […]

Furniture Refurb: Adding Legs to a Dresser

Adding Legs to a Dresser

 A few months ago I went down to the Washington-Wilkes area of Georgia for their Tour of Homes (so awesome, btw), and of course I had to stop into a few shops while I was there. I spotted this little dresser and I couldn’t resist the hardware… or the $30 price tag. I didn’t even […]

Vintage Guest Bedroom Makeover


Since moving into the Georgia home, the guest bedrooms have been a little neglected. I’ve finally finished another one, and this bedroom makeoever  is my favorite. For real this time. Here’s the room before moving in: We had the carpet and fan replaced, the wall painted in Behr’s Sculptors Clay and the trim/closet/doors painted in […]

Furniture Refurb: Reupholstered Cesca Style Chair

Reupholstered Cesca Style Chair

I don’t think I’ve ever reupholstered the same kind of chair twice (except for these). I like to mix it up and challenge myself and doing the same thing over and over tends to bore me. Which is why I quit washing my hair and shaving my legs. Just kidding. Kinda… When I saw this little cantilevered […]

Swap It Like It’s Hot


This week I teamed up with 9 other fabulous DIY bloggers to swap flea market finds and challenge each other to reinvent forgotten objects. We were each assigned a material (wood, metal, ceramic, glass, fabric) and then hit flea markets and thrift stores to pick out items under $10-$15 bucks to ship to another blogger […]

Favorite Furniture Projects


I’m working on getting away from the computer for a few weeks so I can get back to what I love doing: furniture makeovers and DIY projects. Thought I’d take a sec to share some of my favorite furniture makeovers. This one might be my favorite: 1970′s Salon Shampoo Chair Click the pic to see […]

I’m a New Contributor at The Crafting Chicks!!

DIY Summer Tote Bag

Hey y’all! A few months ago I filled out an app to become a contributor for The Crafting Chicks, submitted it and didn’t think about it again. I thought for sure nothing would come of it and I was simply hoping to get the sharty name out there. Well, they picked me along with 8 […]

Kitchen Reno: Before and After


I’ve posted briefly about our kitchen reno before, but, honestly, it was a crappy post with crappy pictures. Hopefully I can redeem myself here…. We hired a contractor to do this work for us, since we were so burned out from our previous home reno in Texas. Sometimes I wish we had stuck it out and […]