DIY Shower Curtain With Grommets

DIY Striped Shower Curtain with Grommets | Hearts & Sharts |

I’ve been having problems in the bathroom. No, this isn’t a set up for a poop joke. I’ve been having a shower curtain issue since we moved in. If you know me, or if you saw my sitting room makeover, you know that I like floor to ceiling curtains. This includes shower curtains. In our […]

DIY Wine Bag


Hey y’all! I’m over at VRAI Magazine today sharing a quick sewing project that’s perfect for gifting (and re-gifting) A wine bag! Click here to check it out along with lots of other fun DIY and crafting projects! Get weekly sharts delivered directly to your inbox.  You won’t even need to change your pants.  

Dwell with Dignity – September Install


The last week has been so insane over here in ShartLand. I took a quick trip to Nashville to help a good friend get settled into his new home, ate some awesome barbeque (shout out to Martin’s in Nashville, I wanna be on you!), got a flat tire, got some new custom orders for pillows and […]

Ten Fonts Free for Commercial Use


I love fonts. I might have a binder full of font specimen print outs organized into categories. I. Love. Fonts. I’m not a “professional” graphic designer – although someone told me recently that, even if you don’t have a degree in it, if you get paid for it, then you are a professional. I’ve done […]

DIY Graphic Painted Pillow


Hey kids! I’m over at The Crafting Chicks today sharing how to make this graphic painted pillow. A super cheap and easy way to customize your home decor using your favorite color. Check it out!   Get weekly sharts delivered directly to your inbox.  You won’t even need to change your pants.

The Shart Shop Is Open!


I’ve been hard at work for the past two weeks getting the Shart Shop all set up (CSS is hard, y’all) and it’s finally up and running! There are a couple different categories of items in the shop and some are not yet stocked. I am working as hard as I can to get it […]

Adding A Dust Cover to Upholstery Projects

Adding a Dust Cover to Upholstery Projects

A dust cover is that black fabric that’s generally under a store bought chair that helps to conceal springs and chair guts. At nine bucks for five yards, it’s super cheap and pretty easy to add to your DIY upholstery projects. If you’ve done a chair makeover for your own home and are too lazy to […]

Sewing a Simple Summer Tote


* This post originally appeared on The Crafting Chicks website on June 16th, 2014 as a contributor post * Summer is here! Time to throw all your junk in a tote bag and hit the beach! If you’re not a beach person (do those exist?), this tote is perfect for the grocery store and can also […]