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Craft Room Makeover

Craft Room Reveal

The craft room is finally done! Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like when we first bought the house: Another angle: We took down the wire shelving, pulled up the carpet, painted over the … [Read More...]

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Another Rast Campaign Hack | Hearts & Sharts |

Table Into Bench & A Rast Hack

Did you see the Dwell with Dignity Apartment Reveal?! Yeah, still talking about that. I have a couple of quick projects to share that went on in the master bedroom. Neither of them are new to the … [Read More...]


DIY Graphic Painted Pillow

Hey kids! I'm over at The Crafting Chicks today sharing how to make this graphic painted pillow. A super cheap and easy way to customize your home decor using your favorite color. Check it … [Read More...]

DIY Drip Vase | Hearts & Sharts |

DIY Paint Drip Vase

Hey y'all! I'm over the Real Housemoms sharing this super easy project for a DIY paint drip vase. Click over and check it out! … [Read More...]

Give Thanks Print & Cut File | Hearts & Sharts

Give Thanks Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I'm on a thirfty Thanksgiving kick and feeling extra generous this month. So, if you're a Silhouette addict, I have a gift for you! I made this little "Give Thanks" Thanksgiving centerpiece thingie … [Read More...]

Painting Ombre

Hola. ¿Como esta frijole?  ¿Le gusta reir?  I love to laugh and I love to make things that make me laugh. Whenever I am in need of some DIY wall decor, I almost always pick something funny and I … [Read More...]

Dwell with Dignity - Atlanta | Apartment Reveal | Hearts & Sharts

Dwell with Dignity Apartment Reveal

Hey y'all. I've been unplugged for a couple of weeks working on a giant project and it's finally done! (and so, so good!) You might have seen a post a while back for Dwell with Dignity where I was … [Read More...]


Shart Stories – Episode 1

I'm surprised every time I meet someone who has never heard the word shart. Explaining it is almost always awkward, which is awesome because I love awkward. I usually say something like "it's gas with … [Read More...]

DIY Striped Shower Curtain with Grommets | Hearts & Sharts |

DIY Shower Curtain With Grommets

I've been having problems in the bathroom. No, this isn't a set up for a poop joke. I've been having a shower curtain issue since we moved in. If you know me, or if you saw my sitting room makeover, … [Read More...]

Anatomical Heart Pillow

Anatomical Heart Pillow Cover

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, also not a fan of Valentine's day crafts.  Right now, they are everywhere and I can't seem to escape it.  But, you know what else happens on February 14th?!  It's the … [Read More...]


Kitchen Reno: Before and After

I've posted briefly about our kitchen reno before, but, honestly, it was a crappy post with crappy pictures. Hopefully I can redeem myself here.... We hired a contractor to do this work for us, … [Read More...]

Hanging Test Tube Wall Planter | Hearts & Sharts |

Hanging Test Tube Wall Planter

I've said this before: I keep everything. Everything. You never know when the day will come when you can use something that's been chillin' in your stash of craft goods for a couple months. Or, in … [Read More...]

Vinyl Record Butterflies

I like to melt stuff. Vinyl records are so easy to melt and make for interesting wall decor. I made these vinyl record butterflies at our last home for the guest bath. It's so super simple, you … [Read More...]

Standing Pulley Lamp | Hearts & Sharts

Standing Wooden Lamp with Pulley

This was one of the easiest projects ever. I have had a vintage pulley that I've been wanting to use as a light fixture but after hanging it from the ceiling in a bedroom, it just looked wrong. I set … [Read More...]


Repurposing Vinyl Records

I have a ton of old records.  A ton.  This is just a small sampling that I keep in my craft room for quick access.  Since I am in the middle of a budget craft room makeover, I thought I could use … [Read More...]

Sewing a Simple Folded Clutch | Hearts & Sharts |

Sewing a Simple Folded Clutch

Hey babes. I'm over at Real Housemoms today sharing how to sew a simple folded clutch.  If you wanna know how to install a zipper, this is a great first step! You can also change the dimensions and … [Read More...]

Sewing a Chair Back Cover |

Sewing Chair Back Covers

Yes, my craft room makeover is still going on.  I got my inspiration fabric in the mail a few days ago and couldn't wait to cut into it.  I had planned on recovering some chair seats with it, but … [Read More...]