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Craft Room Makeover

Craft Room Reveal

The craft room is finally done! Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like when we first bought the house: Another angle: We took down the wire shelving, pulled up the carpet, painted over the … [Read More...]

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Dwell with Dignity - Atlanta | Apartment Reveal | Hearts & Sharts

Dwell with Dignity Apartment Reveal

Hey y'all. I've been unplugged for a couple of weeks working on a giant project and it's finally done! (and so, so good!) You might have seen a post a while back for Dwell with Dignity where I was … [Read More...]

Easy Fringe Pillow

Easy Fringe Pillow

I'm over at Real Housemoms today sharing a super easy pillow project. If you are a newbie at sewing and need a great project to getcha goin', this Easy Fringe Pillow is perfect.  Click here to check … [Read More...]


Chair Makeover with Premier Prints

 *This is a sponsored post written by Hearts & Sharts on behalf of  the Online Fabric Store in exchange for free product. All creations, opinions and juvenile poop humor are my own.* When we were … [Read More...]

Danish Chair Makeover ||General Finishes Stain and Nate Berkus Fabric ||Hearts & Sharts

Danish Chair Makeover

A few months ago I spotted a pair of chairs hiding underneath a rug at Scott's Antique Market. These little babes are what Cher Horowitz would refer to as a "full-on Monet"; from far away they look … [Read More...]


Easy DIY PVC Pipe Headboard

Last week when I showed you the large scale circle art, I mentioned that I was also working on a headboard for this room.... It's finally done! Since I was trying to keep this room kind of … [Read More...]

Anatomical Heart Pillow

Anatomical Heart Pillow Cover

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day, also not a fan of Valentine's day crafts.  Right now, they are everywhere and I can't seem to escape it.  But, you know what else happens on February 14th?!  It's the … [Read More...]

Flea Market Swap | #SwapItLikeItsHot | Hearts & Sharts |

Flea Market Swap #SwapItLikeItsHot

It's Flea Market Swap day! Several fabulous DIY bloggers teamed up to swap flea market finds and challenge each other to reinvent forgotten objects. We hit flea markets and thrift stores to pick out … [Read More...]

Holiday Decor Inspiration | Welcome to the Season | Hearts & Sharts

Welcome to the Season!

I've never been real big on holiday decorating, but since Hubs and I have decided to stay put for the holidays we can actually enjoy all of the Christmas decor we've inherited over the years, so now … [Read More...]


Swap It Like It’s Hot

This week I teamed up with 9 other fabulous DIY bloggers to swap flea market finds and challenge each other to reinvent forgotten objects. We were each assigned a material (wood, metal, ceramic, … [Read More...]

The Art of Susan Holley

The Art of Susan Holley

My Mom passed away suddenly on this day two years ago. It seems like it was only a moment ago. Yes, I realize today is April Fool's day, but this is not a joke. Don't be like that one idiot friend of … [Read More...]

Ten Fonts Free for Commercial Use | Hearts & Sharts |

Ten Fonts Free for Commercial Use

I love fonts. I might have a binder full of font specimen print outs organized into categories. I. Love. Fonts. I'm not a "professional" graphic designer - although someone told me recently that, … [Read More...]

Using Cardboard Upholstery Strips || DIY Upholstery || Hearts & Sharts

Using Cardboard Upholstery Strips

If you haven't noticed, it takes me about a thousand years  to 1) get around to doing a project and 2) getting around the sharing it on the blog. I picked up this mid-century Gangso Mobler set last … [Read More...]

Hearts & Sharts at Woodstock Market

BIG NEWS! (okay, medium news)

So, it's not GIANT news, but it's big for me. Last time I posted, I went on a tiny rant about blogging and how I'm kinda drifting away from it and how I would much rather do what I love (which I … [Read More...]


Favorite Furniture Projects

I'm working on getting away from the computer for a few weeks so I can get back to what I love doing: furniture makeovers and DIY projects. Thought I'd take a sec to share some of my favorite … [Read More...]

A Pair of Five Dollar Chairs

Furniture Refurb: Five Dollar Chairs

I picked up these chairs in the middle of nowhere at a garage sale.  I was bent over one of them, doing some inspecting, when I heard a woman yell "five bucks for both!". I don't think I even looked … [Read More...]

Making a Lamp Using a Lamp Kit | Hearts & Sharts |

Making a Lamp from a Vintage Tripod

Okay, tripod is a stretch I think.  I really don't know what this thing was/is.  When I bought it the tag said "towel holder", so... I dunno, I guess it's a towel holder? Not much of a space … [Read More...]

Gold Apple Place Cards | Hearts & Sharts

Gold Apple Place Cards

I've never really been a big holiday decorator, but I think there's something in the air here. I guess since we aren't traveling this year, I've got some extra time to do some holiday spit-shining. In … [Read More...]