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Craft Room Makeover

Craft Room Reveal

The craft room is finally done! Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like when we first bought the house: Another angle: We took down the wire shelving, pulled up the carpet, painted over the … [Read More...]

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DIY Striped Shower Curtain with Grommets | Hearts & Sharts |

DIY Shower Curtain With Grommets

I've been having problems in the bathroom. No, this isn't a set up for a poop joke. I've been having a shower curtain issue since we moved in. If you know me, or if you saw my sitting room makeover, … [Read More...]

Personalized Wine Bag

DIY Wine Bag

Hey y'all! I'm over at VRAI Magazine today sharing a quick sewing project that's perfect for gifting (and re-gifting) A wine bag! Click here to check it out along with lots of other fun DIY and … [Read More...]

Making a Lamp Using a Lamp Kit | Hearts & Sharts |

Making a Lamp from a Vintage Tripod

Okay, tripod is a stretch I think.  I really don't know what this thing was/is.  When I bought it the tag said "towel holder", so... I dunno, I guess it's a towel holder? Not much of a space … [Read More...]

Flea Market Swap | #SwapItLikeItsHot | Hearts & Sharts |

Flea Market Swap #SwapItLikeItsHot

It's Flea Market Swap day! Several fabulous DIY bloggers teamed up to swap flea market finds and challenge each other to reinvent forgotten objects. We hit flea markets and thrift stores to pick out … [Read More...]

Easy Fringe Pillow

Easy Fringe Pillow

I'm over at Real Housemoms today sharing a super easy pillow project. If you are a newbie at sewing and need a great project to getcha goin', this Easy Fringe Pillow is perfect.  Click here to check … [Read More...]

Sewing a Simple Folded Clutch | Hearts & Sharts |

Sewing a Simple Folded Clutch

Hey babes. I'm over at Real Housemoms today sharing how to sew a simple folded clutch.  If you wanna know how to install a zipper, this is a great first step! You can also change the dimensions and … [Read More...]


The Cheapest Nightstands EVER.

To keep with the modern/industrial thing goin' on in the guest room I've been working on, I needed some sort of industrial-ish nightstands. Since I nixed the cinder block idea for the headboard and … [Read More...]

Kitchen Chairs Makeover

Kitchen Chairs: Trash to Fash

 My friend Bob is the sweetest. And he knows I love a good chair makeover. He gives me his trash. Like these orange little ogres. He brought these over when we lived in Texas and I didn't have room … [Read More...]

Project To Do List | Hearts & Sharts

My Current Project To Do List

I've had a thousand projects sitting in our basement waiting for new clothes or new paint. I know I need to get all of these projects done before I can go out and buy new junk and I seem to be in that … [Read More...]

Easy Canvas Art

Cheap and Easy Wall Decor: Canvas Art

I am in the process of giving my craft room a revamp (Check out my new twerk-station) and was in serious need of some wall art.  I had several 16x20 canvases that had fallen victim to some art-sharts … [Read More...]

The Best Gazpacho Ever

The Best Gazpacho Ever

If you've never heard of gazpacho, this recipe will make you cry out with joy and then wonder what the  hell you have been eating all your life.  Gazpacho is a Spanish-style soup made from veggies and … [Read More...]

Shart Shop Re-Launch & Tote Bag Giveaway | Hearts & Sharts |

Shart Shop DIY Fail & A Giveaway!!

So, a couple of weeks ago I posted about opening up the Shart Shop and I was so super excited about it. I was using this super sweet plugin called ECWID and I spent days playing with it and … [Read More...]

Vintage Chairs Makeover

Tula Pink Parisville Chairs

This is one of my most favorite rescues.  I bought these chairs for next to nothing.  I couldn't resist the shape (that's always the story).  Upholstery and paint can be easily changed - if you're at … [Read More...]

Standing Pulley Lamp | Hearts & Sharts

Standing Wooden Lamp with Pulley

This was one of the easiest projects ever. I have had a vintage pulley that I've been wanting to use as a light fixture but after hanging it from the ceiling in a bedroom, it just looked wrong. I set … [Read More...]


The Shart Shop Is Open!

I've been hard at work for the past two weeks getting the Shart Shop all set up and it's finally up and running! There are a couple different categories of items in the shop and some are not yet … [Read More...]

Sculpey Soap Dish

Sculpey Soap Dish

*This is a sponsored post written by Hearts & Sharts on behalf of Sculpey in exchange for free product. All creations, opinions and juvenile poop humor are my own. I only promote brands and … [Read More...]