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Craft Room Makeover

Craft Room Reveal

The craft room is finally done! Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like when we first bought the house: Another angle: We took down the wire shelving, pulled up the carpet, painted over the … [Read More...]

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Chair Makeover and a Giveaway!!

So far, living in Georgia has been super dreamy. Two days from now will not only be my birthday (which means my semi-annual trip for highlights - my hair looks like Karl's from Workaholics) but will … [Read More...]

Ikea Rast Nightstand | Hearts & Sharts |

Mid-Century Modern Rast Hack

Ugh. A Rast hack. Like the internet needs one more... It doesn't... but we needed night stands. I was looking for something with a mid-century modern vibe but also a good amount of storage. Yeah, … [Read More...]

Personalized Wine Bag

DIY Wine Bag

Hey y'all! I'm over at VRAI Magazine today sharing a quick sewing project that's perfect for gifting (and re-gifting) A wine bag! Click here to check it out along with lots of other fun DIY and … [Read More...]

Decorating with Electrical Tape

Decorating with Electrical Tape

Decorating with electrical tape?!  Is this woman crazy?!  Maybe.  But also frugal.  I have been going nuts redoing my basement craft room and the cabinets, while practical for storage, are super … [Read More...]

Easy PVC Wall Art

Easy PVC Wall Art

While making the PVC Headboard, there ended up being a few irregular cuts I couldn't use as well as some some extra fat slices -  I also had an empty spot above the newly painted desk that really … [Read More...]

Vintage Photo Holders

Vintage Photo Holders

If you know me personally, or have checked out my about page, you know that I keep everything.  Everything.  If you wrote me a note in middle school, I probably still have it.  I come from a long line … [Read More...]

A Personal Story

Finding God- A Personal Story

This is a DIY blog. I'm really aiming to keep it that way, but this week I added something personal in the "About" section of the blog and wanted to share it with you. With everyone. Read the story … [Read More...]

Upholstery Tips from a DIY'er

Upholstery Tips from a DIY’er

*This is a sponsored post written by Hearts & Sharts on behalf of  the Online Fabric Store in exchange for free product. All creations, opinions and juvenile poop humor are my own.* I've … [Read More...]

Graphic Painted Pillow | Hearts & Sharts |

DIY Graphic Painted Pillow

If you're having trouble finding the perfect throw pillow to match a particular room in your home, this graphic painted pillow is a quick and easy solution. I made this one to using leftover paint … [Read More...]

Dwell with Dignity - Atlanta | Apartment Reveal | Hearts & Sharts

Dwell with Dignity Apartment Reveal

Hey y'all. I've been unplugged for a couple of weeks working on a giant project and it's finally done! (and so, so good!) You might have seen a post a while back for Dwell with Dignity where I was … [Read More...]

Dewberry Armchair

Dewberry Chair Makeover

There are one thousand projects going on around here an not a single one of them is done, so I'm gonna hitcha with an oldie. I picked up this chair for ten smackers at an auction early last summer in … [Read More...]

Hanging Test Tube Wall Planter | Hearts & Sharts |

Hanging Test Tube Wall Planter

I've said this before: I keep everything. Everything. You never know when the day will come when you can use something that's been chillin' in your stash of craft goods for a couple months. Or, in … [Read More...]

Pillow Shams with Flange

I have a problem. I make things up in my head that I decide I need and then go out shopping for it and then get super frustrated that I can't find it. That's a sign of a creative genius. Just kidding, … [Read More...]

Vinyl Record Butterflies

I like to melt stuff. Vinyl records are so easy to melt and make for interesting wall decor. I made these vinyl record butterflies at our last home for the guest bath. It's so super simple, you … [Read More...]

Flea Market Swap | #SwapItLikeItsHot | Hearts & Sharts |

Flea Market Swap #SwapItLikeItsHot

It's Flea Market Swap day! Several fabulous DIY bloggers teamed up to swap flea market finds and challenge each other to reinvent forgotten objects. We hit flea markets and thrift stores to pick out … [Read More...]