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Craft Room Makeover

Craft Room Reveal

The craft room is finally done! Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like when we first bought the house: Another angle: We took down the wire shelving, pulled up the carpet, painted over the … [Read More...]

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Easy Fringe Pillow

Easy Fringe Pillow

I'm over at Real Housemoms today sharing a super easy pillow project. If you are a newbie at sewing and need a great project to getcha goin', this Easy Fringe Pillow is perfect.  Click here to check … [Read More...]

Project To Do List | Hearts & Sharts

My Current Project To Do List

I've had a thousand projects sitting in our basement waiting for new clothes or new paint. I know I need to get all of these projects done before I can go out and buy new junk and I seem to be in that … [Read More...]

Ten Fonts Free for Commercial Use | Hearts & Sharts |

Ten Fonts Free for Commercial Use

I love fonts. I might have a binder full of font specimen print outs organized into categories. I. Love. Fonts. I'm not a "professional" graphic designer - although someone told me recently that, … [Read More...]


Favorite Furniture Projects

I'm working on getting away from the computer for a few weeks so I can get back to what I love doing: furniture makeovers and DIY projects. Thought I'd take a sec to share some of my favorite … [Read More...]

A Personal Story

Finding God- A Personal Story

This is a DIY blog. I'm really aiming to keep it that way, but this week I added something personal in the "About" section of the blog and wanted to share it with you. With everyone. Read the story … [Read More...]

Guest Bedroom Makeover

Funky Guest Bedroom Makeover

The guest bedroom makeover I've been working on is finally done. Here it is before we moved in: ...and after moving in... All of the stuff in this room was inherited. All of it, bed, … [Read More...]

Mom’s Hope Chest

When my Mom graduated from high school, she received a hope chest as a graduation gift. I'm sure it was totally awesome... then. She had kept it in storage for decades and did nothing with it. It was … [Read More...]

DIY Striped Shower Curtain with Grommets | Hearts & Sharts |

DIY Shower Curtain With Grommets

I've been having problems in the bathroom. No, this isn't a set up for a poop joke. I've been having a shower curtain issue since we moved in. If you know me, or if you saw my sitting room makeover, … [Read More...]

Graphic Painted Pillow | Hearts & Sharts |

DIY Graphic Painted Pillow

If you're having trouble finding the perfect throw pillow to match a particular room in your home, this graphic painted pillow is a quick and easy solution. I made this one to using leftover paint … [Read More...]

Ikea Rast Nightstand | Hearts & Sharts |

Mid-Century Modern Rast Hack

Ugh. A Rast hack. Like the internet needs one more... It doesn't... but we needed night stands. I was looking for something with a mid-century modern vibe but also a good amount of storage. Yeah, … [Read More...]


Chair Makeover with Premier Prints

 *This is a sponsored post written by Hearts & Sharts on behalf of  the Online Fabric Store in exchange for free product. All creations, opinions and juvenile poop humor are my own.* When we were … [Read More...]


Sewing a Simple Summer Tote

* This post originally appeared on The Crafting Chicks website on June 16th, 2014 as a contributor post * Summer is here! Time to throw all your junk in a tote bag and hit the beach! If you're not a … [Read More...]

The Art of Susan Holley

The Art of Susan Holley

My Mom passed away suddenly on this day two years ago. It seems like it was only a moment ago. Yes, I realize today is April Fool's day, but this is not a joke. Don't be like that one idiot friend of … [Read More...]


Repurposing Vinyl Records

I have a ton of old records.  A ton.  This is just a small sampling that I keep in my craft room for quick access.  Since I am in the middle of a budget craft room makeover, I thought I could use … [Read More...]