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Craft Room Makeover

Craft Room Reveal

The craft room is finally done! Here's a quick reminder of what it looked like when we first bought the house: Another angle: We took down the wire shelving, pulled up the carpet, painted over the … [Read More...]

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DIY Anatomical Prints

DIY Anatomical Prints

If you are in the market for some cheap, easy and unique wall art, these are the best - and the possibilities are virtually endless. If you've never heard of the "public domain", Imma 'bout to rock … [Read More...]

Pom Pom Pillow

Pom Pom Pillow

I've been going pillow crazy for the past couple of weeks. I recently made this little guy and it was so simple! She's not that comfy, but dang, she's cute! A while back, when I redid my Mom's hope … [Read More...]


Guest Hosting Thrift Score Thursday

Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike! You know what day it is?! It's #ThriftScoreThursday ! My thrifty friends Megan from Rental Revival, Brynne from The Gathered Home and Trisha from Black and White … [Read More...]

Hearts & Sharts at Woodstock Market

BIG NEWS! (okay, medium news)

So, it's not GIANT news, but it's big for me. Last time I posted, I went on a tiny rant about blogging and how I'm kinda drifting away from it and how I would much rather do what I love (which I … [Read More...]

Pillow Shams with Flange

I have a problem. I make things up in my head that I decide I need and then go out shopping for it and then get super frustrated that I can't find it. That's a sign of a creative genius. Just kidding, … [Read More...]

Amazing Home Reno: Before and After

Another Home Reno: Before and After

Our latest home reno. From dirty retro dump to  clean retro funk.  The new hanging light is a vintage piece from a Luby's Cafeteria somewhere.  Here it is before the paint job. Check out that … [Read More...]

Kitchen Chairs Makeover

Kitchen Chairs: Trash to Fash

 My friend Bob is the sweetest. And he knows I love a good chair makeover. He gives me his trash. Like these orange little ogres. He brought these over when we lived in Texas and I didn't have room … [Read More...]

Upholstery Tips from a DIY'er

Upholstery Tips from a DIY’er

*This is a sponsored post written by Hearts & Sharts on behalf of  the Online Fabric Store in exchange for free product. All creations, opinions and juvenile poop humor are my own.* I've … [Read More...]

Vinyl Record Butterflies

I like to melt stuff. Vinyl records are so easy to melt and make for interesting wall decor. I made these vinyl record butterflies at our last home for the guest bath. It's so super simple, you … [Read More...]

Vintage Photo Holders

Vintage Photo Holders

If you know me personally, or have checked out my about page, you know that I keep everything.  Everything.  If you wrote me a note in middle school, I probably still have it.  I come from a long line … [Read More...]

Jar Cozies

Handmade Christmas Gifts: Jar Cozy

If you're not a fan of the Christmas hustle and bustle, stay away from the crowds, save some money and DIY your Christmas gifts.   A thoughtful gift made with love...  and cheap!  You can't beat … [Read More...]

Ten Fonts Free for Commercial Use | Hearts & Sharts |

Ten Fonts Free for Commercial Use

I love fonts. I might have a binder full of font specimen print outs organized into categories. I. Love. Fonts. I'm not a "professional" graphic designer - although someone told me recently that, … [Read More...]

Dewberry Armchair

Dewberry Chair Makeover

There are one thousand projects going on around here an not a single one of them is done, so I'm gonna hitcha with an oldie. I picked up this chair for ten smackers at an auction early last summer in … [Read More...]

Mom’s Hope Chest

When my Mom graduated from high school, she received a hope chest as a graduation gift. I'm sure it was totally awesome... then. She had kept it in storage for decades and did nothing with it. It was … [Read More...]


The Shart Shop Is Open!

I've been hard at work for the past two weeks getting the Shart Shop all set up and it's finally up and running! There are a couple different categories of items in the shop and some are not yet … [Read More...]

A Personal Story

Finding God- A Personal Story

This is a DIY blog. I'm really aiming to keep it that way, but this week I added something personal in the "About" section of the blog and wanted to share it with you. With everyone. Read the story … [Read More...]